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Spring Equinox


The best of times when the birds sing and all the summer is ahead. It doesn’t matter if it rains, the days are still long and there is still growth and renewal.

And for all of us, after a time in the dark the sun is all the brighter.

Fantasy Art for my Inner Child

I have a children’s colouring book full of unicorns and faeries. It is good to keep magic and childhood alive.


The Witch’s Promise goes to Market.



I made this card for a friend of mine. It’s a saucy self portrait. I am selling my wares at a German xmas market. I’ve promised myself I will make room every day for art because it’s good for the soul and gives pleasure to others.


Hung Out to Dry




This is a bridesmaid dress I wore when I was ten years old. It was unearthed from my parents’ loft several years ago and it was like finding a piece of myself from my childhood. An apparition from the past, I played with it digitally to make it ghostly, like a spectre in the night garden.



We all need to have a secret place we can go to to get away from everything.

Lamp Still Life


This still life picture was taken at a friend’s house where time has stood still. The house is full of old things which have not been changed or even moved in decades. I think this lamp may be from the 1920s. The curtains have disintegrated to rags and spiders enjoy a good life.

Does My Mum Have Cancer? (Not Very Cheery)

My mother is an elder, that is she is well into her eighties now. She has been ill for some time on and off with low immunity and has had treatment. The trouble is there is a lot of confusion within my family about what is wrong with her. I used to take her to all her hospital appointments but then suddenly an old rift was healed within the family and other members then began taking her to and fro. I was relieved to have more time to myself but in the meantime I sort of fell out of the loop and missed some information. The last I knew, I was in a consulting room with mum and she was being told by the consultant that they had not found cancer. We were relieved and went home and celebrated. But at a later appointment when someone else in the family took her she suddenly seemed to have a form of cancer.

Death, you are lurking and I am sad. I know that an eld person has to die, it is their right to die and part of the natural cycle of life and yet women in my mum’s family are usually very long-lived so I am feeling vulnerable and cheated. There is a huge gulf between sitting in a chair and hearing “You do not have cancer” and sitting here now and being told “She has this cancer so that’s why XYZ is happening.”

I am beginning to wish that I did not sink down in a heap when there was somebody else nearby to take over all the leg work I had been doing for so long. If only I’d had the energy to keep going I would have felt more in control now even if the truth was that “my mum has cancer.” Maybe I just feel better when I am the one steering the chariot.

Death, lurking.

Death, lurking. I used this picture in a previous post. I drew it several years ago when my mother was first unwell in hospital with pneumonia.

In this picture I am my young self of about 12. It is a self portrait from my imagination, as I remember myself. That was a dark time too because that’s when both my grandmothers died.

I quite like the spareness of my aparition of death. I am thinking of the Death card in the tarot and how a simple cloaked figure with no further symbolism might be enough to convey the archetype of endings, loss, non-being, and new begininnings. No skull is needed to show the end of physical life. The lack of face is enough as a lost person’s face seems to fade with each passing day without its living smile.


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