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Queen Victoria’s Profile in a Rock


This rock formation, known locally as profile rock, appears as a silhouette of queen Victoria. She gazes out to see above the harbour entrance of Boscastle, North Cornwall, UK.


Rainy Day Blues





Sometimes things play on the mind, especially at night when the day has quietened down. The shadow self comes into its own and a spiral of negative thoughts and fears can take over. They don’t necessarily reflect reality.

Life and Springtime


To me, death and resurrection are not just about the death of the body. In a lifetime we can be reborn numerous times and in many different ways. Sometimes life tramples us down and we have to find a way to grow again. In the first instance, that’s the best way to overcome death.

Springtime is a powerful metaphor for resurrection and new life and the Daisy is a good representation of hardiness in the long term. It’s very difficult to kill a Daisy.

Spring Equinox


The best of times when the birds sing and all the summer is ahead. It doesn’t matter if it rains, the days are still long and there is still growth and renewal.

And for all of us, after a time in the dark the sun is all the brighter.

Fantasy Art for my Inner Child

I have a children’s colouring book full of unicorns and faeries. It is good to keep magic and childhood alive.


The Witch’s Promise goes to Market.



I made this card for a friend of mine. It’s a saucy self portrait. I am selling my wares at a German xmas market. I’ve promised myself I will make room every day for art because it’s good for the soul and gives pleasure to others.


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